Random Screaming – cream chargers. Videos to make you happy! So why not jsu sit back and relax.

It’s my job to trawl the net and find short 3 minute fun interludes into an otherwise dreary everyday existence.

I may of course just be talking about myself – but you can join in too if you like. Just hop along for the ride – everyone in entirely welcome. I’d lik to think you have better things to do but my statistical counter will tell me how we’re all doing!

The video above might also give you an idea of what this is all about.

The more you come, the harder I will try until the cream and screams are all fully charged and everyone is blissed out or whipped flat.

The more I say – the less impact it will have, so I should maybe stop right now…

Excerpt that the beauty of any blog is that words are both free and priceless – will the electronic ink be draining away from me?  Does the extra words somehow actually end up costing some money, somewhere?

Does it drain the worlds resources or is it truly free? Are any of us truly free?

Whilst you ponder the imponderables then why not watch the first two videos that I have just embedded – laugh? you surely will!

There is of course more to my life than simple twiddling away on the internet finding almost pointless videos to kill time – I do a bit video making myself – using mainly simple online editing equipment – the beast of my efforts were commissioned by whippedcreamcanisters.org.uk  but I also passed a few on to firebox.com although these were to win a competition rather than for actually money – but a gift is a gift.

The idea for whippedcreamcanisters was to make video that would in 30 seconds get people laughing and pass the link around virally – but it was important to also get some info about using nitrous oxide for making whipped cream in there two. After all more people think of racing cars and dentist’s laughing gas than of whiopped cream when presented with the idea of nitrous oxide – so they go on making the whipped cream by hand. I was actually prety pleased with the results and would like to show them here but I’m prevented from doing so because the owner of the website didn’t want it embeded anywhere only linked to…