So here’s the thing. I’m gay. Okay, you probably knew that. And as such, I’m not saying this applies to me…maybe it does, but gay guys I think tend to have more sex than non-gay guys. And only because non-gay guys, aka heterosexual guys, usually have sex with women. If women had sex as much as men wanted them to have sex, non-gay guys would have as much sex as us homos. Make sense? Okay, good. Stick with me.

That being said, it really is interesting the amount of sex a gay guy can have. And when I mean sex, I mean anything from frottage and the Princeton Rub, to blowjobs to the full monty butt-fucking penetration, but I also have to say that sex between two people doesn’t have to include ALL of these components to be considered sex. In my eyes, if you’re making out, the clothes come off, and you end up giving each other the good stroke, I consider that sex. Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, notwithstanding.

Anyway, so I’ve had tons of sex of late, and as nice and warm and fuzzy feeling as I’ve been left after those occurrences in the throes of passion, they’re really just fleeting. Don’t get me wrong, I love making out. I love foreplay, I love being intimate with nice, sweet, hot, and attractive guys, but more than that, I would really desire to be doing this in something long term. I know I’ve said this in the past, but I can’t help but say it time and time again. I like going to movies, and galleries and shopping and eating ice cream, and I really want to explore that with someone who’s digging me as much as they dig being tied up in a wrestling singlet and having me nibble on their nipples.

Is that too much to ask for?

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