The thing about what has become an issue of national importance with regards to Prop 8 in California is that it really isn’t a gay issue. It’s a fairness issue. About what’s right and wrong, and what’s fair and just. People are pissed and upset and if you think that it’s just marginalized and maligned gays and lesbians you’re wrong. Because if you think that Prop 8 would be defeated in California on the strength of the alleged ten percent of the population who categorize themselves as gay or lesbian, those numbers are going to fail every time.

So for this thing to be dealt with, handled, put on the table and discussed, it’s going to take more than just passionate gays who have had their rights stomped on. It’s going to take people who believe in things being just. People who feel everyone should be treated fairly, and people who don’t sit there and divide people into haves and have-nots: It’s going to take straight people with cream chargers.

So when someone like Keith Olbermann comes along like he did on the night of November 10th, and said what he said about Prop 8, it brought tears to my eyes. Because he gets it. This isn’t some clichéd and stereotypes group of “cock-hungry gays screwing around and wanting to be seen as real people, even though they could never commit to each other, or people being weary and skittish because they can’t handle the fact two men could willingly want to do-what-it-is-we-do to each other and as a result of that are wrongly and unfairly lumped into those who engage in pedophilia, polygamy, or bestiality. No, this is all really simple. It all comes down to love. Love between two people and I am thrilled that Keith Olbermann gets it.

I tip my hat to him for being honest, and smart, and passionate and articulate. I encourage you to watch this, and to pass it along to others. He says it far better than I ever could. Bravo.

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