t’s me again. Told you I was going to be getting back into the spirit of things. So, a lot has happened, and as I attempt to make this a virtual reboot of where I rant and rave and talk a lot about people who bitch and complain about not getting laid enough, or why their relationships went south, or why their significant other didn’t go south, I’m back on the blog. In my heart of hearts, I’m still that same nonsensical wild and crazy guy, but so much has happened, I needed a well-needed rest from blogging. After all, there’s only so many dick jokes a guy can throw around.

I can’t talk about Friendfeed enough. I love it there. It’s a blast. I’ve met tons of people and just yesterday got mentioned on a high profile blogs by Mike Fruchter and Louis Gray; two guys I’d never thought pay any kind of attention to me in my little niche of the interwebz, but they did, and I’m grateful. (Hi, guys!)

The thing about blogging and social media all that it entails is that it can skew heavily tech. And I’m just not all that techy. I like gadgets, and high-definition television and digital cameras and toy robots, I suppose, but I also like food and cooking, and tattoos, trains, maps, old school hip-hop, and cashmere. I don’t know anything about IT, I had a friend install my WordPress, and recently it stopped importing pictures cause I think my Flash is wonky. I don’t know how to fix it, and am not losing any sleep over it.

But maybe that’s why I was selected.

A lot of people look at these A-list badasses in technology and social media and try their hardest to emulate them. It’s like me working at school, the same school where the often criticized Michael Bay of Transformers fame and Zack Snyder, director of 300 and Watchmen studied film. I talk to prospective students who are so wide-eyed with fanboy lust in these two iconic men that I have to tell them: Don’t try and be Michael Bay. Stop trying to be Zack Snyder. It’s with that mindset that I go into looking at the breadth of social media. I couldn’t hang with Robert Scoble if I tried. So, I don’t. And I’m more than OK with that. There’s enough room for everyone if you step back and just let it happen. At the end of the day, I’m just a guy who works in an office, who enjoys his friends, loves to make new ones, and wants to buy you a beer in person. I could probably monetize my site, make some loot, and channel it into new areas, but that’s just not my focus right now. I don’t know. Maybe I’m a shmuck?

I feel for these people, but can appreciate their idol worship. If I ever met Prince face to face, I’d lose my shit, but like I tell these students with their application reels and projects: Just do you. Cause you’re the only [insert name here] that there is. And who can do you better?

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