Before I even get started, let me say that I think Dr. Drew and the radio show Loveline provide a valuable service. I’ve listened to it forever, and in some respects is partly responsible for me taking a stance and willing to put my own wares out on display via Random Screaming. But with that on the table, Dr. Drew drives me crazy.

I wouldn’t go so far to say that he’s a homophobe. I don’t think he is. But you have to be careful when you throw that word around. It’s like labeling someone a racist. You don’t want to dilute your argument by using such polarizing language, but there’s something about him that makes me think he could care less about the gays or potentially gay-confused people who call in for guidance.

I know he’s a doctor. We all do. We get it. And people have medical issues. “It hurts when I pee.”; “What is this rash I suddenly have on my junk?”; “I got something stuck in my butt and I don’t know what to do about it…” are all valuable and real medical questions that a doctor of his stature should certainly answer. But when you ask him about something more on the emotional side of things, say: “I’m seventeen, and there’s this guy at my school and he’s straight, and I’m a fag, but he keeps giving me signals, and I think he’s really hot…what should I do?”

Do not ask that of Drew! Because what will inevitably happen, is that he’ll either dismiss it or come up with some irrational bullshit answer that has nothing to do with anything this little high school homo who wants to get it on with this confused but flirty straight guy needs to hear.

I listened to the show last night and a guy called in who said he was into transsexuals. In my world, someone who’s into fucking transsexuals is not a big deal. But what Dr. Drew did, in the 45 seconds he listened to the poor guy, pondered whether or not the call was even a real one and in his inability to figure the poor guy out, said he needed to get help from someone. Ok…so maybe he’s not an expert in alternative sexualities, but Drew said it with such condescension that it only rattled the tranny-fucker even more. And it was certainly something that someone in a fragile state of mind and calling from Idaho or Utah DIDN’T need to hear.

If the guy could read my non-medical, sex-positive site, I’d tell him, “Look. There’s nothing wrong with you for wanting to bang trannies. You’re not gay for wanting to do so, and the majority of guys who like transsexuals are straight guys. It’s fine. It’s ok. Gay guys are into guys. Not boobs, not womanly hips…okay, so there’s a cock there, but sometimes even straight guys can go for a little dick now and then. Get away from the labels and jump onto what gets you off. If that’s humping transsexuals, then find yourself one who’s just as into you and hump away.”

That’s what I’d say, but who am I? I’m certainly not Dr. Freaking Drew, that’s who. I get my (gay and straight) sex advice from Dan Savage. If you’re a homo like yours truly, I suggest you do the same. I don’t always agree with him, but he’s fair and his podcast rocks. And he’s a fag. Trust.

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