I recently talked about giving into one’s kinky desires and in this new found sense of self, I felt it would only be appropriate to talk about the things that personally yank my chain. In the scheme of things, my tastes probably aren’t all that strange or profound, but a fetish is as fetish does, so here’s a list of five things that can get me going. And the sixth would need to be whipped cream chargers, but that’s another story..

1. Sports wear: I think most gay men have a thing for the male form, hence their homosexuality. Nothing butters my bread more than a guy in something tight and athletic and revealing. When I find my Mr. Right, he could probably get me to do pretty much anything if he rocked something like this wrestling singlet. Don’t act like you wouldn’t give in to that either.

2. Blue collar average joes: Who hasn’t wanted to bang their cable guy or auto mechanic? An aw-shucks attitude, a bit of gut maybe, a streak of dirt or grease on their stubbled cheek can make me want to do really nasty things. And I know the pic is just an illustration, but I would totally hit that shit.

3. Nerdy glasses: I have no idea where this came from but I’m being honest here. I have a thing for guys in glasses. And if the guy or his frames lean towards the nerdy side, I’m pretty much putty in your hands. You in glasses + horny me = shut the door with a Do Not Disturb sign. And yes, I would totally hit Lewis Skolnick. Don’t judge.

4. Body hair: Now I know a lot of women who love their smooth and shiny dudes and find any fuzz on a man to be gross. Me, on the other hand, love a hairy chest which I thought was my initial turn on, but its not. Turns out, I can totally get worked up over a guy’s furry butt, or his armpits, or his…well, just about any part of him. Don’t ask me where it came from, cause I don’t know either. I think it screams masculinity, and it turns my crank like little else can.

5. Adam’s apples: Maybe its because mine isn’t too prominent, but looking at a guy’s adam’s apple while he’s talking can induce swoons of delight in Yours Truly. Another unexplainable that came out of nowhere. Is it because its like a miniature bulge which might be reminiscent of a bigger bulge in another area? Maybe, but why fight the fight? I like it. Shut up.

There you go, people. I know its a little on the vanilla side. No fisting or anything extreme. I didn’t get into my burgeoning interest in leather or BDSM, or how papercuts have become this thing that drive me crazy with irritation, pain and then…lust? Go figure. But I’m sure in time we’ll talk it out here.

That’s my brief and incomplete list. What’s yours? Post them in comments and share!

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