Cream Chargers

Cream Chargers – Random Screaming – Eyes Cream for all!

Much, much more to come – this will whip you wild with the information and fun that will become available to you.

Just for starters try this…. although it is fair to say that the cheeky monkey is far more intersting than the dancing badgers – will show you exactly what it is that I mean….

And that is just the beginning….

The beauty if the interweb is that I can and will send general drivel into your screen whenever you want to receive it ….

The Cheeky Monkey! carefully explains the problems of not having any cream chargers and why their appearance into the jungle was a blessing of extreme proportions – please feel free to watch, listen and learn all about the weird world of the whipped cream chargers – and the usage of the dispenser – after all prior to that it was all very simply, bananas, bananas, bananas and without the ability to whip it all into a sundae then things were surely a little bi lacking!

How lucky are you all?

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