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Before I even get started, let me say that I think Dr. Drew and the radio show Loveline provide a valuable service. I’ve listened to it forever, and in some respects is partly responsible for me taking a stance and willing to put my own wares out on display via Random Screaming. But with that


The thing about what has become an issue of national importance with regards to Prop 8 in California is that it really isn’t a gay issue. It’s a fairness issue. About what’s right and wrong, and what’s fair and just. People are pissed and upset and if you think that it’s just marginalized and maligned

Whipped Cream Chargers

The random screaming of the whipped cream chargers is a sound that you will not often hear in the wild

Screaming Cream Chargers

You might think that cream chargers are useful for nothing more than making whipped cream – oh how very, very wrong you are…

Random Screaming Laughter

I don’t think that there is much more random screaming then what you see here – and these scream chargers need no laughter track either….


Before I even get started, let me say that I think Dr. Drew and the radio show Loveline provide a valuable service. I’ve listened to it forever, and in some respects is partly responsible for me taking a stance and willing to put my own wares out on display via Random Screaming. But with that on the table, Dr. Drew drives me crazy.
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If you’re a regular reader of Random Screaming, you probably know I’m jonesing big time for San Francisco. The addiction is still as strong and with stories like the following, its no doubt a colorful and interesting place to be. Check out this rant from someone on San Fran’s Best of Craigslist:
To the tranny that blew that guy on the 49 bus last night…..
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I like masturbating. Who doesn’t? And I love whipped cream …But lately, I’ve started thinking that at the ripe old age of 35, maybe I do it too much. » Read more..


I don’t have to tell how important and historic a day like today is. Far more talented people have and can say it more eloquently and in ways that will put me to shame. Whatever the results are of today’s election, people have gotten more involved. Whether it was due to losing their home to foreclosure, or the threat of losing their ability to call their loved one and life partner their spouse, people have used the last eight years as a catalyst to get up and do something; to speak up and speak out; to be heard, and counted on, and that is an awesome thing to see.

I’m not immune to the impact of change. I started this blog because I had a bunch of straight women friends going through the obstacle course of dating in Los Angeles, and similarly, so did I. I told them to shape up, or ship that fucker out. To not put up with bullshit, to be respected and to be respectful, and if it called for it, to get down right kinky. And in doing so, it was ok. You’re mom’s not going to find out about it, and if she does, who cares. How do you think you got here?

But then there’s that change thing. I’ve been going through it myself. I’ve talked about giving my life a remix and moving up to San Francisco. I’ve talked about way risqué encounters, about my compulsory and embarrassing masturbation habits, guys on TV I wanted to fuck the shit out of, and others in real life I wanted to fuck the shit out of me. Yet through it all, with good times and laughter and fun, and depression, and misery and dealing with a father who I was scared to death of coming out to, in the end all I wanted was love.

Who doesn’t? I romantically dream of cuddling in quilts on Sunday morning with the paper and a latte, and a soft-coated Wheaton terrier at my feet with the man of my dreams nuzzled up next to me, because I’m only human, and we’re social creatures, and these are the things that make up and define life for us.

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Hi there. It’s been a while, I know, and I apologize for that. A lot’s happened. I think I needed some time to step back, reflect, make some adjustments before jumping back up on that blogging horse. So with that, why do I have baby fever? Like, bad, y’all. Bee Ay Dee.

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t’s me again. Told you I was going to be getting back into the spirit of things. So, a lot has happened, and as I attempt to make this a virtual reboot of where I rant and rave and talk a lot about people who bitch and complain about not getting laid enough, or why their relationships went south, or why their significant other didn’t go south, I’m back on the blog. In my heart of hearts, I’m still that same nonsensical wild and crazy guy, but so much has happened, I needed a well-needed rest from blogging. After all, there’s only so many dick jokes a guy can throw around.

I can’t talk about Friendfeed enough. I love it there. It’s a blast. I’ve met tons of people and just yesterday got mentioned on a high profile blogs by Mike Fruchter and Louis Gray; two guys I’d never thought pay any kind of attention to me in my little niche of the interwebz, but they did, and I’m grateful. (Hi, guys!)

The thing about blogging and social media all that it entails is that it can skew heavily tech. And I’m just not all that techy. I like gadgets, and high-definition television and digital cameras and toy robots, I suppose, but I also like food and cooking, and tattoos, trains, maps, old school hip-hop, and cashmere. I don’t know anything about IT, I had a friend install my WordPress, and recently it stopped importing pictures cause I think my Flash is wonky. I don’t know how to fix it, and am not losing any sleep over it.

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“Why don’t you come over? I’ll leave the door unlocked, and if you come around the side of my house by my bedroom window, root around for a bit. Like you’re checking the meter, or you’re trying to find out whether or not I fell asleep.

Then let yourself in. I’ll be blindfolded with one of my wrists tied to the bedpost. Make as little noise as possible and then fasten my free wrist to the other side of the bed. Then…you know; do your thing.”

I met Frank a month before. I figured either of us would never call the other. We chatted briefly…minute long conversations that never went anywhere, really, but he seemed like a nice guy.

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Hi there. I haven’t forgotten about you.

I’ve been busy. No, not screwing around with people who like to be blindfolded, but with work. As much as I’d like it to be, Random Screaming is merely a hobby, but a gratifying one. So, to the grind of the office continues.

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“Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? The answer is no. » Read more..


So here’s the thing. I’m gay. Okay, you probably knew that. And as such, I’m not saying this applies to me…maybe it does, but gay guys I think tend to have more sex than non-gay guys. And only because non-gay guys, aka heterosexual guys, usually have sex with women. If women had sex as much as men wanted them to have sex, non-gay guys would have as much sex as us homos. Make sense? Okay, good. Stick with me.
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