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Before I even get started, let me say that I think Dr. Drew and the radio show Loveline provide a valuable service. I’ve listened to it forever, and in some respects is partly responsible for me taking a stance and willing to put my own wares out on display via Random Screaming. But with that


The thing about what has become an issue of national importance with regards to Prop 8 in California is that it really isn’t a gay issue. It’s a fairness issue. About what’s right and wrong, and what’s fair and just. People are pissed and upset and if you think that it’s just marginalized and maligned

Whipped Cream Chargers

The random screaming of the whipped cream chargers is a sound that you will not often hear in the wild

Screaming Cream Chargers

You might think that cream chargers are useful for nothing more than making whipped cream – oh how very, very wrong you are…

Random Screaming Laughter

I don’t think that there is much more random screaming then what you see here – and these scream chargers need no laughter track either….


Dancing Clowns

So from whipped cream pies to pole dancing – who doesn’t think clowns are scary after watching this…. » Read more..

Scream Chargers..

I don’t know what to think about this one – scream cream chargers and think about the state of the world…. » Read more..

Annoying Orange cream chargers!

Nothing is more random in the world of screaming than the annoying orange … perfect with cream chargers? Well who doesn’t love orange infused whipped cream? » Read more..

Random Cream Screams

So get your cream charegrs out – it’s time to dispenser with formalities and get going with a whipped cream fight » Read more..


Eton Mess Cream Chargers

At the infamous Eton College then a simple accident can be transformed into a culinary delight with the simple use of cream chargers. » Read more..

Cream Chargers for the Hot, Hot, Hot

Ooh the sweet irony of cream chargers – they might seem like the best way to cool down on a hot day – but only if you know nothing about the effect of Nitrous Oxide on the atmosphere » Read more..

Scream Chargers

So if you listen you hear that psychiatry is a pseudo-science – unlike Tom’s beliefs that are …?

» Read more..

Dream Cream Chargers

I had a dream – at least I think it was a dream. It involved a long chase across a muddy field and all I had on me was a bandoleer filled with cheap cream chargers. That’s it – apart from that I was completely naked it did have me think slightly of some rubbish milk bottle holders I had bought from nisbets and I really don’t know why – it could be the colour or the fact that it was useful for carrying something which had a purpose relating to milk – or at least dairy in the form of whipping cream.

So, back to the dream … what happened next? Well I was chased by some angry dogs with faces like hell-hounds so what options did that leave me? I chose to load up my dispensers and let them have a full facial of whipped cream. This didn’t exactly blow their heads off but it did make them pause in order to lick themselves. I would say they quite enjoyed themselves.

But, then I woke up and that was the end of that!