Screaming Cream Chargers

You might think that cream chargers are useful for nothing more than making whipped cream – oh how very, very wrong you are…

The nitrous oxide that is contained inside cream chargers is perfect for making screaming rockets – with little more for a fuel than a bit of plastic, such is the power that is contained within the oxidising agent – so how come they are so good for making whipped cream if they are also used for rockets? see here for the whipped cream bit and then go to somewhere else to look for the rocket information.

But for the non-science minded of you then it all boils down to oxygen – this is the stuff that makes things burn and without it their would be no combustion so no energy released.

The more oxygen available than the faster you can get energy out of your fuel – indeed up in space, where no-one can here you scream then there would be nothing going on at all if you did not bring a source of oxygen up there with you. The teeny little cream charges might not have enough oomph for going into space, but it can certainly make a difference with something simple like a tiny screamer rocket motor .. more

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