Whipped Cream Chargers

The random screaming of the whipped cream chargers is a sound that you will not often hear in the wild

but about 4.30pm in the housing projects of Essex is an entirely different proposition! So why does the whipped cream charger elicit such random screaming?? Well that is all down the the effect of the kids and their love of ice cream. Or rather that is the effect when they don’t get what they want. And so follows a true story that was first told in the Billericay Wetherspoons…. OK so here goes.

Three children promised ice cream for tidying their room! So far not much of a reason to scream – but then what happens when Mom gets the bright idea that they’d rather have some healthy fruit – mmmm that’ going to work isn’t it. So after a few tears and tantrums she gets the idea that it’d be possible to use whipped cream chargers to top the fruit – in effect hiding it so that the kids won’t know what they’re eating until it is way too late!

Such a flawed plan!! Firstly the whipped cream looked nothing at all like ice cream – so that was not a great idea to start with, secondly what exactly were they supposed to think after they’d spooned their way through the cream and hit the chunky fruit lurking at the bottom like plasters on the bottom of the swimming pool – it is enough to ruin your summer.

So, this is a message from Random Screaming – never, ever mess with the after school treat, don’t pretend that whipped cream is really ice cream and when you’ve made a deal then don’t change the contract – kids are not stupid!!!! And as for compromise? Well you could have gotten strawberry ice cream? How about that for an idea!

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